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March 20, 2020

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March 20, 2020

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March 20, 2020

Talk abstracts


In the spotlight - ACTION!! ACTIVITIES!!!  10:00 - 11:00 - ROOM 1

The spotlight will be firmly focused on the youngsters working in pairs! I will be demonstrating in this workshop how working in pairs and small groups can increase the vocabulary and fluency of young learners. Using scenarios and role-plays based on real-life situations the children will understand the necessity of key words and phrases. These can be used in problem solving situations which they can personally relate to. (VYL’s and YL’s)


The student centered class 10:00 - 11:00 - ROOM 2

No one appreciated the teacher who lectured for an hour nor remembered anything they said, right? Let’s not be that teacher. In this session we’ll look at some practical ideas for making your class more student centered from start to finish. We’ll demonstrate activities to create a participative and interactive classroom for a variety of ages and levels. (Ss)


From wrong to WRITE! - 10:00 - 11:00 - ROOM 3

How many times have we felt that our feedback on our student’s writing tasks is useless? Do we actually let our teens classes know what they are expected to do on a writing task? Why on Earth do we keep focusing on mainly language? I am certain that our learners need something to follow in order to complete the tasks fully. In this session, I will show you the framework I give my students to boost not only language but also the other 75% of the exam. (T and A)


Little Chatterboxes! - 11:30-12:30 - ROOM 1

Have you ever wondered how much impact you're actually making by getting your YLEs to speak in class? Do they know their stuff well enough to be able to use it outside of class, and apply it to other contexts? And are we allowing them maximum opportunities to communicate in all areas of our lesson, not just when it's speaking day? If like me, this has entered your mind on more than one occasion, my session should give you some tips and tricks to get your kids classes maximising their speaking and doing so in as natural way as possible. They might not ever shut up! (YL’s)


ROB PRINCE'S DRILLER! - 11:30 - 12:30 - ROOM 2

How often have you scratched your head about how to practise a particular tricky grammar point? Does teaching vocabulary get stale and predictable? Would you love to get your students intoning like a naive? In this interactive and dynamic workshop you will DRILL DRILL AND DRILL in ways you never thought possible. You´ll learn to drill and practise language in a multitude of imaginative ways that will easily help your students to memorize and perfect it. You´ll never have to put up with a class of zombies again! (YL’s)


ROAD TO B2 - 11:30 - 12:30 - ROOM 3

So your students have passed that precious B1 that they so badly wanted and they are most likely wondering, what now? Most of them go straight to a B2 class only to discover that what they have struggled to learn up to this point is no longer good enough, leaving them often lost and unmotivated. In this practical session I will be sharing ideas to make the transition between these two levels as smooth as possible, especially in those areas where they need to produce the language. (T and A)


Linguistic Geniuses - 12:45 -13:45 - ROOM 1

Kids are amazing creatures. As ESL teachers in Spain, we are so lucky that we get to start teaching them English from a very early age. Evidence shows that the sooner a student begins their linguistic journey, the better. By starting young, our students can achieve great things, but as teachers it can present challenges. In this session we’ll discuss these challenges and look at how to set objectives that will take our students to places we might not have thought possible.


B1 2020 READING AND LISTENING 12:45 -13:45 - ROOM 2

Figuring out how to teach reading and listening comprehension skills for the new Preliminary exam can be a challenge with younger teens. You will learn new ways to break down, explain and teach comprehension skills for these areas based on the 2020 B1 exam. You will walk away with useful ideas that are adaptable and easy to implement in your next class. (T)



Time and again we see our students score lower on the reading paper than in other parts of their official exams. Teachers aren't particularly excited about teaching or practicing reading in class and students would much rather work on other skills. But what if we shift the focus from teaching reading to enjoying reading? I'll present some ideas to work with novels and other outside reading material in class in a way that’s fun and engaging. Let's awaken in our students a love of reading that will increase their exam scores along the way! (T and A)


VYLs = Teachers of Very Young Learners (3-6 years old)

YLs = Teachers of Young Learners (6-11 years old)

T = Teachers of Teenagers (12-16 years old)

A = Teachers of Adults

Ss = All Students



Francesca Lambert


Email: francesca@tebidiomas.com

Francesca Lambert was born in England but has lived in Spain since she was three years old. She has been at TEB for five years having graduated in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She's presented some of her ideas at ACEIA previously and at the annual FECEI event in Madrid. Francesca teaches groups of all ages from babies to teens, having a main focus on YL. Her teaching techniques are exciting and fun with a strong emphasis on humour as a teaching tool!


Casey Dreyfus



Casey Dreyfus has gained a wealth of experience from teaching just about every level there is at TEB over the past 10 years. She loves teaching teens and young learners this year and has been really enjoying the challenge of keeping all the students involved and seeing what they are really capable of producing each class.


Juan Carlos



Juan Carlos Jiménez has been teaching in Andalucía for over five years, having started a new experience in TEB Idiomas this school year. He is a CELTA qualified teacher who has also done the International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers. He is on his way to becoming a Cambridge Speaking Examiner of Young Learners in 2020. He enjoys creating a good atmosphere in the classroom so as to develop students’ skills and motivation facing Cambridge exams effectively.


Karen Muckey



Karen Muckey is from Michigan and is the Director of TEB. She just began her roles as Vice President and Head of Training for ACEIA in February. Prior to teaching English, she was a Spanish teacher and has always enjoyed teaching languages and encouraging students to study abroad. Over the years, Karen has taught all ages and levels but she now specializes in very young learners and babies. Her youngest students are only 4-months old!/p>


Rob Prince

Head of Adult Education


Rob Prince has worked in TEB for more than 15 years. He is currently Head of Adult Education as well as teaching a variety of age groups and levels. Rob has worked as both mentor and trainer for newly qualified teachers and he also contributes regularly to team meetings and teaching seminars both in house and externally. What he enjoys most however, is teaching teenagers and being able to build a strong relationship with his students.


Ana Pérez



Ana Pérez teaches at our Espartinas centre and has been an English teacher for 6 years. During that time, she has taught a variety of levels, from primary to B2, but she especially enjoys the challenge of teaching teens. In her lessons, she strives to be creative in her approach to exam techniques to ensure that students both learn in an interesting way and get ready for their official exams


Kelly Shepherd



Kelly Shepherd has been teaching in Spain for five years, everything from young learners to adults, exam prep and general English classes. She is a CELTA qualified teacher. She enjoys creating a fun, vibrant vibe in the classroom to encourage students to get over their fear of speaking, and thus improve even faster!


Bethany Coates

Responsible for Cambridge prep


Bethany Coates has been teaching English at TEB since 2008 and has been responsible for Cambridge prep for the last 5 years. She currently is working in both our centers and is in charge of course design. She lives in the center with her husband, two year old son and their cat. She loves to cook, read, and do puzzles.


Stephanie Newell



Stephanie Newell is from Boston but has been teaching English in Seville for over 10 years. She is the Cambridge Coordinator for both TEB academies and a Cambridge speaking examiner. Her focus is getting our TEB students ready for their official exams and she does so by working closely with teachers and students.

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